About Aaron

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Meet Aaron

Aaron Matteson is a fifth-generation Wisconsinite and the son of area dairy farmers. Although his father never made it past an 8th-grade education, Aaron graduated from UW-Madison, majoring in finance and economics. He went on to earn a master’s degree in accounting from UW-Whitewater while working full-time.

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That education allowed Aaron to embark on a 25-year career managing finance departments, including work for longtime Wisconsin manufacturers Bucyrus-Erie and Parker Pen. During his tenures these companies emerged from bankruptcies to become highly successful public entities that were then purchased by Caterpillar and Gillette, respectively. Aaron also served as cost manager and controller for Jones Dairy Farm of Ft. Atkinson for ten years. Aaron is still a Certified Management Accountant (CMA) in good standing.

Aaron also has international experience, teaching for eight years as Senior Lecturer in accounting, finance, and business at a highly ranked university in China. Aaron has guided students in career and academic pursuits, including admissions to UW-Madison, Cambridge, and The London School of Economics. While a lecturer, Aaron was ranked first among his colleagues in performance evaluations. Aaron’s unique combination of finance and international experience will be crucial for holding our government and the Foxconn corporation accountable over the major deal that was recently passed in Wisconsin’s legislature.

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Back home, Aaron was a founding member of The Volunteers of Lake Country, which was named volunteer group of the year by United Way of Waukesha County. The group provided freshly grown produce for food pantries and household furnishings for the disadvantaged and single mothers in need. Aaron has also served as a Big Brother and United Way volunteer. In addition to volunteering, Aaron has earned a black belt in Tae Kwon Do and is an avid tennis player.

Aaron Matteson brings decades of finance experience and deep community roots - the perfect combination for representing the good people of Wisconsin’s 22nd Assembly District.