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A good education leads to increased wages, small business creation, and less poverty. We must restore funding to our educational institutions - they're the foundation of Wisconsin's success. Post-high school education should be affordable for everyone. Education is highly correlated with quality-of-life issues such as health, infant mortality, and even a decreased number of abortions. Education unlocked a world of opportunity for me. I will fight to make sure that your kids have great opportunities too.



Our state’s natural resources are the crown jewel of Wisconsin. Our state is great because of our history of protecting our environment, from our fields to our lakes. Unfortunately, my opponent has gone against Wisconsin's long tradition of local control and environmentalism. I believe that people should have a say in what goes on in their community. I will work to restore local control and an independent DNR so that we can have clean drinking water and use our natural resources wisely. Environmental stewardship is key for our quality of life and it also makes long-term economic sense.



Wisconsin's economy has fallen behind other Midwest states in business startups, wage rates and GDP growth. The economy may look good on Wall Street, but it isn't working well for many of our neighbors. Wisconsin politicians haven't done their homework when trying to create good jobs. I have 25 years of due diligence experience helping major Wisconsin companies make critical investment decisions that benefited companies and workers. We need someone with a demonstrated financial track record of success to help Wisconsin's economy reach its full potential. As an experienced executive, I will prioritize the following:

  • Workforce Development: Business thrives where it has access to research and a skilled workforce. Skilled workers are paramount for innovation and drivers of economic activity. We need to make sure folks have the skills and qualifications to have great family-supporting jobs.

  • Reducing Red Tape For Small Business: Small businesses are vital to our state's economy now and in the future. They are choking on red tape that is primarily intended for big business. We need to allow small entrepreneurs to thrive.

  • Infrastructure: Our roads are a mess and turning down high-speed rail was a regressive decision that continues to hurt us. We need to repair our crumbling infrastructure. Workers should be able to get to work without having that cars take extra wear and tear from bad roads.

  • Business Startups: Wisconsin is dead last in startups in the US for the third year in a row. We should provide would-be startups with advice, child care, and seed-money loans. This is not a handout, but a cost-effective service that will spur innovation and pay for itself if done correctly.



My Christian education tells me that health care should be accessible to all citizens if we can provide it. And we can. Wisconsinites have been suffering from high healthcare costs because our governor failed to properly implement Obamacare. By turning down the expansion of medicaid in the ACA, Scott Walker left our tax dollars in Washington DC, instead of letting those dollars pay for our healthcare. We must reverse this foolish decision, so that Wisconsin taxpayers get our fair share, and people here aren’t struggling so much to afford care.



Our local municipalities know best the needs of their communities and we have to live with the consequences government decisions. However, municipalities have been stripped of their ability to exercise that authority by my opponent and other Republican politicians in Madison. These state government overreaches include prohibiting local governments from attempting to limit the usage of plastics, inspecting rental properties for safety, enacting of local workplace safety requirements, or requiring that projects use local workers. I will work to return us to Wisconsin’s long tradition of local control.



Our state districts should be done fairly in the interest of clean government. We have lost our way, and the districts drawn in 2011 by the Republican politicians have been deemed the 2nd most unfair maps in the US. Gerrymandering has to end for democracy to function. I will support fair maps legislation. A majority vote should render a majority of seats.



Too many Wisconsinites are struggling to pay student loans with high interest rates. One thing we can do is provide state refinancing at lower rates. And here’s the great part: it wouldn’t cost taxpayers a thing, as we can set the rates so that the program is 100% revenue neutral. While this wouldn’t cost taxpayers anything, it would save thousands of Wisconsinites from high interest rates that are breaking household budgets. Without the burden of student loans, people have more opportunities to take risks and innovate, leading to economic growth.



For our veterans suffering from PTSD, those suffering from chronic pain or terminal illness, those with Parkinson’s, and people with epilepsy, marijuana shows promise as a medicine. It’s time for Wisconsin to consider how we can get this medicine to those that need it. Some form of legalization for medical marijuana makes sense. There are a number of benefits, perhaps none more important than reducing the scourge of opioid abuse. Medical legalization would also potentially allow the UW system to conduct groundbreaking medical research, giving Wisconsin yet another industry where we can be a world leader.


The vast majority of Americans want to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals. We agree that universal background checks are a way to close the current loopholes and limit access. Even a majority of NRA members agree. Unfortunately, my opponent has recently voted against universal background checks that the public overwhelmingly supports. It’s unacceptable. This isn’t about taking away guns. I learned to shoot and hunt at age ten and I support The Second Amendment. What we need is a return to common sense gun safety.

Our children deserve to be safe in schools and congregations shouldn’t have to worry about a madman coming in during a church service. Firearms should not be allowed on school properties or inside school buildings. My opponent has co-authored a bill that would allow firearms on school property and would reduce the penalty for bringing them inside the school building. It’s disappointing and downright dangerous that my opponent has gone against the recommendations of our local police and high school when it comes to gun safety. I will do more to keep you safe.