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We must restore funding to our Primary, Secondary and post-Secondary educational institutes. College and Technical training must be affordable to all who qualify. Education and skill sets are the keys to ending poverty, creating small business startups, increasing wages and, reducing crime and racial tensions. Education is highly correlated with quality-of-life issues such as health, infant mortality and decreased number of abortions.  My father had only an Eighth Grade education. I’m personally extremely appreciative and understanding of the vital role that education has played in my life and, potentially, everyone’s.



Wisconsin’s natural resources are our “jewel in the crown”. Protecting it is economically wise, a requirement for good health and morally sound. We can create jobs AND sustain our environment for our descendants.  In fact, we must.  The alternative is the continuation and acceleration of pollutants such as lead and plastics in our drinking water.  My opponent has voted for a law that bans communities from reducing the use of plastics.



Wisconsin is trailing its neighbors in business startups, wage rates and GDP growth. I would propose the following investments that pay for themselves.  As a businessman who, in part, analyzed acquisitions of companies, I would look for these components to be present in every evaluation of a company and its business environment: 

  • EDUCATION: This is, again, paramount for innovation and maintaining a strong work force to attract and create businesses. Business thrives where it has access to research and a skilled work force. UW-Madison is one of only three public universities that are in the top ten for alumni that are CEO’s.  But our current government is stripping it bare.
  • REDUCING RED TAPE FOR SMALL BUSINESS:  Small businesses are vital to our State's economy now and in the future. They are choking on red tape that is primarily intended for big business. But, large corporations must cooperate as good stewards of our environment.
  • INFRASTRUCTURE: This is ALWAYS on a company’s checklist.  Our roads are a mess and turning down high-speed rail was a regressive decision that continues to hurt us.
  • BUSINESS STARTUPS: Wisconsin is, for the third year in a row, dead last in startups in the United States. We should provide would-be startups with advice, child care, and seed-money loans.  This is not a handout, but an assist that will pay for itself when done wisely.  


Require Presidential candidates to disclose their tax returns before being allowed to be placed on our STATE'S ballots.

Any Presidential candidate who wishes to appear on Wisconsin's Primary or General Election ballot will have to publicly disclose at least five years of their Federal Taxes in addition to the current financial disclosures.  Citizens have a right to know the financial gain that our President stands to make by his decisions in this public office.


criminal access to guns

The vast majority of Americans (including NRA members) want to keep firearms out of the hands of criminals.  We agree that Universal Background Checks are an acceptable way to close the current loopholes and limiting this access.  My opponent has recently voted against Universal Background Checks.

Firearms should not be allowed on school properties or inside school buildings. My opponent has co-authored a Bill that allows firearms on school property and reduces the penalty for bringing them inside the school building.  Our legislators work in gun-free zones and our commercial airline passengers travel in essentially the same environment.  Why do we not provide this for our school children?

My opponent has voted to fund armed guards inside schools.  The Menomonee Falls High School and Police Department do not endorse this.


reclaiming local government control

Our local municipalities know best the needs of their communities. However, they have been stripped of their ability to exercise that authority by my opponent and her Party. These State overreaches include:

  • Prohibiting local governments from attempting to limit the usage of plastics
  • Prohibiting local governments from inspecting rental property for defects
  • Prohibiting the enactment of local, workplace safety requirements.
  • Prohibits a local government from demanding use of local workforce.


fair maps

Our State Districts will be redrawn in 2021. This should be done fairly in the interest of clean government and has already been ordered to be done by two, three-judge panels of our Federal Courts.  The Bill to comply with this court order has been kept in committee by our current Legislature and gone unheeded.  The Districts drawn in 2011 by the Republican Party are deemed the 2nd most unfair maps in The United States. Gerrymandering has to end for Democracy to function.


Complete the expansion of Medicaid from the Federal Government

My Christian education tells me that basic health care, whether a right or a privilege, should be affordable and accessible to all citizens if we can provide it.  And we can.