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Your Rep’s Actual Tweets:

Planned Parenthood is nothing but a maintenance garage that treats women like sex objects (6/15/2015)

We can Thank AG Brad Schimel for ending The Affordable Care Act (6/19/2018)

Social Security Benefits are not economically sustainable (5/31/2018)

Wolves are ruining Wisconsin (10/1/2017)

Planned Parenthood supports the sexual abuse of girls (5/30/2018)

Medicaid payments cause twice opiod abuse (8/18/2017)

Voting Record:

Voted to allow firearms on public school property

Voted against universal background checks

Voted to ban any restrictions on plastics usage

Prevented Richfield from restricting a landfill operation in their suburban neighborhood

Voted to take away the results of your 2018 votes

Voted for ANOTHER tax break for the wealthiest

Other behavior:

Publicly embarrassed a MF teacher for her student’s essay

Ridiculed a student for supporting school shooting victims

Fought against Falls school funding but, supported identical funding of Hamilton (Not in out district)